Holly Ridge Manor Canine Country Club

2993 Seaboard Rd

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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As one of the first doggie daycare facilities in Hampton Roads, Holly Ridge Manor takes pride in being the best doggie daycare and the largest in the area. You will be able to find us in the  Pungo/Virginia Beach area along with 60 acres of farm land.


Our family run business wants your dog to be completely happy so that you are completely happy. Your dog will be able to swim, play, and run while you are at work. Dogs enjoy group and one-on-one play time in a variety of play areas around our 60 acre facility.


Why bring your dog to doggie daycare?

Do you worry or feel bad about leaving your dog at home while you are gone all day?  Your dog will be able to receive tons of love, get all their exercise needs met, and learn how to socialize with other dogs while you are away. If you have a young puppy, you'll have our help with making sure they are able to get out and go potty and exercise. When you come home tired after a long day, your pet will also be tired.


Make reservations for our doggie daycare today! Please be sure to bring your pet's vaccination record and have our Profile Packet filled out.  Click here for a list of current Prices and Packages. We require:

1. Distemper (Yearly "Combo" or "Booster", DHLPP or DA2PPL)

2. Kennel Cough (Also called: "Bordetella") This vaccine is NOT given regularly by all veterinarians unless you tell them you board your dog. We also prefer that you receive a booster every 6 months. NOTE: This vaccine takes 48-72 hours to take effect.

3. Rabies (Rabies vaccine can last 1 or 3 years)

Daycare Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7am - 7pm

Daycare Fax: (757) 721-7829

Profile Packet

"Best of the Best" by Hampton Roads

Give your dog a fun filled day while you are at work or away. Call us at:

What's a play day without water

Inside space to relax and cool off

Plenty of dirt to play in and room to run

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